Body Protection TrainingBody Protection™ is a movement-based training program designed to prevent injury and optimize athletic performance in any sport.

The components of the program provide competitive athletes with strength/endurance, speed/explosion and flexibility, while developing the body’s connective tissue. This multi-muscle, multi-directional, and multi-functional series of exercises also stimulates an athlete’s proprioception which promotes better balance and stabilization.

Body Protection teaches athletes proper warm-up techniques and demonstrates the importance of mobilizing/activating muscles and lubricating joints prior to their sport. The unique three-dimensional approach of the program’s Flexibility segment focuses on enlarging the athlete’s range of motion around the body and acts as an ideal cool-down.

Almost all sports require a combination of strength and endurance. Body Protection’s unique formula of strength/endurance training develops the athlete’s muscles and connective tissue, while preparing the body for the repetitive nature of demanding sports.

Power is an aspiration of every high-performance athlete. Body Protection’s exclusive Speed/Explosion exercises elevate the elastic energy of muscles, teaching the athlete to load and explode through an advanced stiff plyometric progression.

Video Trailer: Body Protection - Injury Prevention Training for Competitive Athletes

The training program is designed to protect athletes from common non-contact sports-related injuries to shoulders, hamstrings, groin, quadriceps, calves and abs.

Watch this 1-minute DVD Video Trailer for a glimpse at what you will learn.

Recorded at the Movenpick Resort and Spa at the Dead Sea in Jordan, the Body Protection Training program is available on DVD. This two (2) DVD set is packed with over 90 minutes of instruction and 60 minutes of example exercises. These exercises are the basis of the personal training that David O'Meara teaches his high-performance clients during their in-person sessions.  The exercises on these DVDs are designed to help athletes of all ages protect their bodies from non-contact, sports-related injuries. Typical sports-related injuries may include sore, pulled, torn, sprained or strained muscles and tendons, such as hamstring, groin, calf, quadricep, achilles, ankle, shoulder, abs or rotator cuff.

In addition, David offers personal training consultations via telephone and Skype video. 

Body Protection revolutionizes the way high-performance athletes train.

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