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Body Protection Training ServicesDavid O’Meara has been training aspiring and professional athletes since 1986. With the release of his first training DVD, David broadly shares the unique aspects of his Body Protection training program with clients around the world. Additionally, clients can also take advantage of his Body Protection training services either in-person, over the phone or via Skype video.

Body Protection Telephone or Skype Video Consultation
The theory and movements of the Body Protection training program are taught on our new 2-Disc Training DVD. For athletes that require a little more personal attention, David also delivers Body Protection training via telephone and Skype video. In these sessions, David will customize the Body Protection training program to address your specific requirements. Delivered with the same professional care his current clients receive, David will build a Body Protection workout plan designed specifically for you. With a full understanding of your aspirations and goals, David will teach you how to leverage your investment in the Body Protection Training DVD to develop the strength/endurance, speed/explosion and flexibility you will need for your specific sport. Body Protection Telephone and Skype Video Consultations are available in 20-minute increments for $40 (or $90 for 3-sessions).

Body Protection In-person Training
Professional athletes from around the world have traveled to Sarasota, Florida to experience David's energy, passion and expertise. His personalized hands-on training approach is the optimum way to learn and customize the Body Protection training program for your sport. David has worked with many clients to identify the source of previous injuries, and improve their movements and exercise techniques to ensure high-performance results and on-going injury prevention. David has also traveled to countries such as Nigeria, India, and Jordan to deliver his Body Protection training techniques. Visit our Events page to see where David will be offering individual and group sessions in the next few months. To request any of our In-person Training services, please call 941-355-2122 or use the “Ask a Question” form on this site.

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