“I started working with David in the beginning of 2013, through a reference from a friend. I was struggling to remain injury free while working out and hitting golf balls every day. As an aspiring professional golfer I needed to build a good foundation on strength and conditioning. Over the next 6-8 months, while traveling around the country to compete, David was able to help me remain injury free and learn the fundamentals in the Body Protection program. Once I had time to dedicate to adding speed and explosion I really saw results, FAST! I was able to raise my club head speed 5 mph in just three months from 105 to 110mph. I will continue the program and am excited to see more results over time. David was also able to help me with the mental side of competition. With his experience in coaching over the years his knowledge is vast in regards to helping athletes succeed even under the most pressure, he has surely changed my physique and outlook on life!”
Matt Hayes

Georgia, USA

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“I am happy to write this testimonial for Mr. David O’Meara who is one of the persons instrumental in helping me perform at the highest level on the international stage. I have been playing cricket at the international level for the past 20 years. Currently I am the world’s top test batsman, a 2008 Wisden Cricketer of the Year, and the 2008 winner of the ICC’s Sir Garfield Sobers Cricketer of the Year award. The tools required to play at this level for a sustained period of time is a mix of intense concentration, endurance, the ability to soak up pressure and the explosive quickness to tackle a ball being bowled at well in excess of 90 mph in a very hostile environment. That means a cricketer’s body has to be in peak performance condition every moment he is on the playing field as well as possess the endurance to withstand the rigors of a long playing season. It is very difficult to enjoy one’s trade if their body is not reliably supporting them.

When I met David, I had some lower body ailments, chronic inflammation and an injured shoulder. Also the quality of my running was being curtailed by the pain I was feeling in my legs all the up into my hips. Systematically David worked with me to prepare my body to first rehabilitate those parts that were hurt and then created habit forming tasks that allowed me to get explosive performance as the weeks progressed.

My unique challenge was that I am on tour very frequently and therefore I could not interact with David in person as often as I wanted. No problem. David created a custom sequence of warm-up routines, speed and peak performance routines, strength training routines and a set of cool-down routines that I could do while I was on the road. There were neither heavy weights nor unnatural movements in these routines. David’s task for me was to build up the small and large muscles of every joint proportionally such that it is both stabilized and can deliver an explosive response when required. In other words, the bio-dynamics created was such that protection was integral part of performance.

As I push myself for peak performance all the time, I feel secure in knowing that my body is well prepared to handle the stresses induced in the task and that my body mechanics are performing at their optimum. I trust the program designed for me by David so much so that I have started my 15 year old son Brandon (who is an upcoming fierce competitive cricketer himself) on the same program.

David’s approach to peak performance with body protection is very effective for sport activities at all levels and ages. It would surely help many people enjoy the sport they love for longer periods of time and not be discouraged prematurely due to injury.”

Shivnarine Chanderpaul


“I write this testimonial for Mr. David O’Meara from a very unique perspective. At 39 years old, I found myself looking forward to an extremely low quality of life if any after I was diagnosed with blockages in 95% of my heart. I could not walk 100 yards without experiencing angina. To make matters worse my muscles would strain easily upon any strenuous physical activity as a side effect of the medications I had to be on to maintain heart health.

I approached David as an option of last resort. To begin with he tailored a simple lifestyle program for me. Taking into consideration my extremely delicate health his program included very low intensity exercises, regular sleep routines, eating habits, tools to handle stress, hydration regimen, instill a sense of fun, and positive reinforcement among numerous other factors. Within a month I was walking a mile at a stretch and within 6 months I started to play social tennis. Over a 4 year period, I was able to add a tremendous amount and complexity of physical activity and to my daily regimen on a gradual basis.

I play highly competitive tennis for 2 hours a day; 6 days a week and high level league cricket on the weekends all thanks to the systematic approaches that were instilled in me by my friend David. My doctor’s are amazed at the progress I made in improving heart health. They told me I did more for myself with lifestyle changes than modern medicine can do for me. My daily medicine intake has been drastically reduced to very low dosage level and my last stress test indicated that my heart had remodeled to allow more robust blood flow to all areas. Moreover, I never feel sore nor do I reach for painkillers after a particularly strenuous exercise session. I am simply happy and tired.

The central theme of David’s work with me was explosive, accelerated performance while maintaining total body protection at all times. He always made me feel that I can perform at the highest levels while having fun. He never stressed any activity which caused pain and suffering. There was no “work thru pain” nor “no pain no gain” principle in David’s teachings. We select a task every week and tailor the body response for the demands of the task by properly strengthening, stabilizing, controlling and coordinating all the muscle groups in the body. If I started to experience pain we would find out the cause of the pain, analyze the underlying mechanics, make corrections and enhance the quality of the activity. In this way I could continue to enjoy the sports of my choice uninterrupted.

Every sport exacts demands of the player’s body. Every sportsman pushes himself or herself to perform at their peak all the time. Often times, this goal inflicts severe stresses on the body if it is not well prepared or if the mechanics used are inappropriate. These stresses can result in injury and prevents the person from further enjoying their chosen sport. David’s approach to body protection excels in that he allows the body to learn the demands of the sport activity and craft a very effective response that both allows peak performance as well as effectively guard against such unexpected injury.

Body protection principles as taught by David simply are the best way to enhance my physical activity levels. I am well hydrated, pain free and able to perform at the highest level without interruption due to injury. I have my dear friend David to thank for giving me back my life!”

Srinivas Kadiyala

Florida, USA

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“Throughout my high school career, I ran track and field, cross country, and played tennis. Track and tennis were both spring sports and there were many days where I would do a very difficult track workout and then go straight to the tennis courts for two hours. I struggled with hip flexor injuries during the busy track and tennis season. There were some days where I could barely run two laps around the track without having to stop because of the pain from my injury. Once I was introduced to the different Body Protection warm-up routines and workouts, the hip flexor issues quickly went away. Before and after every run and tennis session, I do the Body Protection exercises. I have been injury free ever since; and have posted the best times of my life. I ran a 4:20 mile, a 1:55 800 meter, won states for the 4×800 meter relay, and placed second at nationals for the 4×800 meter relay. There is no way I could have been successful without Body Protection.”
Anthony Borrego

Florida, USA

“I have always been involved with football, I played on organized teams throughout my youth and in my neighborhood whenever I got the chance and was able to continue at the University of Nebraska. When I was younger I didn’t consider playing at peak condition nor taking care of my body’s health. I am several years removed from playing but I still remain active and now think much more about my body’s health for my best performance and to prevent injury. I have been trained by great trainers during my time in football, but I have yet to come across a program that is so effective at putting me in a healthy state where I can move at my best while remaining injury free. Body protection is one of a kind!”
Nanfwang Nehemiah Mutfwang

Georgia, USA

“I would like to provide some insight into why David O’Meara has the expertise and knowledge to provide those fortunate to become aware of his talents to obtain the highest level of protection and success in their physical endeavors.

My son, Michael, is a high-level college tennis player who David has coached for the last ten years. An essential and unique attribute which has contributed to Michael’s success has been his flexibility and unrestricted range of motion. These traits, however, caused Michael to have consistent pain in his wrists and elbow. After seeking the advice of high paid experts and trainers, who uniformly prescribed a regimen of stretching exercises, David sent us to an exercise therapist [Body Protection Consultant, Juan Ruiz-Tagle] who, for the first time, focused on the unique physical traits of my son rather than simply thinking in a one shoe fits all manner of physical therapy.

Due to Michael’s hyper flexibility, we were told that stretching only compounds the problem by making him too loose and even more subject to pain and over-rotation. Thus, very limited stretching and only particular exercises focused on improving strength was prescribed.  Following this advice, Michael found that he no longer was plagued by the elbow and wrist injuries which haunted his path to success and has allowed him to continue his tennis career at college.

David and his staff have an understanding that everyone is an individual with a unique physical make-up and attributes. They also have a total understanding of the demands and stresses confronted by all athletes and the best way to protect oneself and prepare for success. I have recommended David to so many people for advising and assisting in all areas of athletic training. One hundred percent of the time, I receive heartfelt thanks for having introduced David into their lives. I am certain anyone who takes advantage of David’s advice will be completely satisfied and improved.”

David G. Secular

New York, USA

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“Being 16 and wanting to be a professional tennis player, I consider starting with David O’Meara’s program at age 13, a defining decision. Playing 20+ tournaments per year, there is no question that it gives me a competitive advantage at match time, but also prevents me from incurring injuries. Surprisingly many juniors are injured, many repeatedly, something that I have avoided, in large part to David’s program and insight.”
Nicholai Westergaard

New York, USA

“David’s workouts are wonderful!! They are geared to my sport – tennis which I have played for over 50 years. I feel much stronger and more confident when I go onto the court. The workouts take diligence and determination, but when I can see how it pays off in my sports activities, I really reap their benefits. My whole life becomes more enjoyable and focused. Thank you, David, for your dedication and instructions!”
60+ Year Old Female

Florida, USA

“I have been using David’s training techniques, in particular, his Lunge Matrix routine, as well as upper body routines for several years. After double knee surgeries 6 years ago, David’s program has kept this 62 year old on the tennis court injury free.”
Kathy Dietz

Illinois, USA

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me prepare for a successful cross country and track season. It was very important that I remain healthy and injury free in order to successfully compete at the High School level. The training and conditioning that you provided gave me a competitive advantage as well as help prepare me for my best Triathlon season. I can’t thank you enough.”
Dani Young

Florida, USA